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I hope Laurianne gets home soon. I haven't seen you guys in a while. This is all wrong. Everyone rushed over to the other side of the ship to see what was happening. He is as smart as any in his class. I want to do it right. Your homework for each class will be to review the day's lesson and to prepare for the next one.

Numerous stars were visible in the sky. I wonder which train I should take for Tokyo. I want to go play with my friends.

I am halfway through this detective story. He seldom gets sick because he is careful about his health. This dish has a bit of garlic flavor. I only saw Johnathan once. I will go along with you as far as the station. You talk so fast I can't understand a word you say. My bicycle was gone when I returned.

You should feel flattered. Isidore is terrified. Gold has a price, but knowledge is invaluable. I'm going to write him a note. Nathan was so busy he skipped lunch. He's always complaining about something. The situation has worsened. You wouldn't like it.

I'd better wake her up. The ship is on its way to Finland. Turn off the damn camera! Have you seen them today? I've heard of you. It's time to act now. "I think this wine is really good." "I've had better." Ukrainian girls are the most beautiful girls in the world. He had strong religious beliefs. Ask them to help.

The conflict between blacks and whites in the city became worse. You're a penny-pincher. Hienz is listening to Rogue. Clean your lips with the napkin. I brought my kids up well. I hate cold winter days. I like the cold.

I'm not able to speak so fast. And they saw the new heaven and new earth. No one believes what Dawson says anymore.

It'll be exciting. You're splitting hairs. Dennis wants to discuss the problem with Farouk.

There's only space for ten people in the lifeboat. I feel stuffy. I hope not. I would like a bottle of cough mixture.

I agree to your plan. Who'll come?

She quickly found a new boyfriend. You're courteous. I'm taking a week off to do some fishing. Who do you think is the best French speaker here?

When I said that work had got busy so could we split the housework my husband pulled a face. I know you're making it all up. I'd like an explanation. I believe you, but unfortunately Devon doesn't. I can't get this open. The point is that you didn't teach them grammar.

The trains are running in this snow. I'll do anything but that. Do you want to have a drink with us? I've never wanted to be anything else but a teacher. What happens if we fail? They are talking about this and that. Everyone was somewhat tired after the daylong flight. You may not believe it, but it is nonetheless true. He made a very quick decision.

You should know by now that I don't really like you very much. Milner has had a good life. Someone named Henry said he wants to meet with you. The rumor spread throughout the country. Ninja seems to be a member of a gang. I wonder where Joanne plans to sleep tonight.

I couldn't make myself understood. I wouldn't like that either. He is an insurance agent for a New York company.

I gave them a ride home. Greedy people always want more stuff. I didn't get home until late.

I was hoping I could go back to the beach next weekend. Please be sure to take one dose three times a day. Is it a direct flight? He is a boy, she is a girl. Did you order the room to be swept? Luke has lived in Boston for over 30 years. I suppose it couldn't be helped. Thousands and thousands of soldiers lost their lives. I'll keep moving.

She didn't even open the present he gave her. Brazil was a colony of Portugal. Why do American parents praise their children? Ramanan bought Shel a diamond necklace. Yesterday we prepared some delicious fish in a new microwave.