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Mankind walked on the Moon.

The auditorium was packed. They were listening to the lecture attentively. Give us two knives and four forks, please. The man wanted to call his father. John stayed at home, as he was told. Men talk about women all the time. We are watching a class at the Paris Opera.

My brother sent me a letter last week. This year's harvest will fall short of last year. No scam is too outrageous. Randal found his house vandalized. I want to do it right this time. We didn't make too much of a mess, did we? Which of these rackets is yours? How are you feeling today? Get out! I don't want to talk to you!

Cristi is a compulsive gambler, isn't he? Acetophenone has an orange-blossom scent. Nothing's wrong with you. They broke off their engagement. The secretary is tired of typing. We found out their plot before they took their actions. It was not until a few days later that the news arrived.

Many factors must be considered. The drains are blocked up. This is really exciting stuff. What are some of the side effects of this drug? The dean sighed and said: "I think that this woman is perhaps... my own cousin". You said that you wanted to go. We need a plan. Mencius said, 'A great man is the one who does not lose his heart of a child.'

You are always wrong. What will it take to get you to vote for me? Don't give me a hard time, Dustin. It looks as if autumn is really here. Mathematicians and scientists call a quantity which depends on direction a vector quantity. A quantity which does not depend on direction is called a scalar quantity. The zombies are closing in on us! She needs another DPT shot. Guillermo wasn't sure whether to press the red button or the blue one. These birds migrate to North Africa in the winter. Ning shared his mother's oatmeal cookie recipe with Teruyuki.

Judging from the expression on her face, she is worried. She asked anxiously. Don't hide in there. No, this isn't a chat. Generally speaking, Japanese women are modest. I'm convinced that you don't want to do that. It's time I had a talk with Stu. She often sits there reading a book. Is this pear green?

Mother insists that we should be home by seven in the evening.

You don't need to shout, I can hear you just fine. His pride didn't allow him to ask for help.

The victory made him a hero. The volcano poured molten rock. This author is a prominent critic of the role of the United States as a superpower. I remember my childhood clearly. I don't exercise a lot these days. This is happening too quickly. Aren't you scared, Sho? Christina gave John a hard time for not keeping an eye on the kids. Her books sell pretty well.

You're learning Esperanto. My wife's taste in dress is contrary to my own. There was rioting. Don't follow her example.

Those agenda items were discussed together. After working all day, Pam was really tired. I have no choice but to go.

He always works a lot.